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Free air duct cleaning guide for building operators

March 18, 2013 | By HPAC Magazine

The NRC Guide on Commercial Air Duct Cleaning, which was developed within the Canadian government’s Clean Air Agenda, is a diagnostic tool that will allow building operators or facility managers to assess whether duct cleaning work was successfully and appropriately performed in terms of air duct cleanliness. It will also help them determine if expectations concerning the quality of the resulting supply air have been met. The quality of the supply air can deteriorate during and after air duct cleaning as settled particles, mould spores and bacteria may become airborne during the process and enter occupied spaces. As well, chemicals and biocides used in the process may be circulated in the building through the ventilation system. The guide was validated in buildings in which commercial air duct cleaning was performed. The National Research Council research team is actively seeking feedback from building operators concerning the use of the guide, as well as from commercial services.





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