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GreenON revises contractor agreement, heat pump rebates

March 1, 2018 | By Jillian Morgan

GreenON update contractor agreement

Green Ontario requires homeowners who take advantage of rebates to work with a qualified and screened contractor listed on the agency’s website.

Green Ontario (GreenON) has revised its Contractor Participation Agreement (CPA) and heat pump rebates.

Revisions to the CPA include the removal of language in Section 1(e): “As measured against the price and other terms and conditions under which the contractor would deliver the same products or services in the absence of the program.”

In Section 11(a), the agreement now includes: “Or such other website or web portal as may be designated by the IESO.”

Rebates for air source heat pumps will not apply in homes with a natural gas fired appliance. If a natural gas heating appliance is replaced with an air handler or electric furnace, the rebate will apply.

GreenON, a non-profit provincial agency, offers rebates to Ontario homeowners to complete low-carbon, energy-efficient renovations. Contractors interested in participating in the program can sign up online at greenon.ca/contractor-signup. www.greenon.ca



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