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Hilti unveils wearable exoskeleton to reduce strain and fatigue

August 5, 2020 | By HPAC Magazine

Currently in real-world jobsite testing, the company will be bringing the exoskeleton to the market later this year.

exoskeletonTool and technology maker Hilti has announced the development of its EXO-01 wearable exoskeleton, a new human augmentation device designed to help commercial contractors, tradesman and management tackle health and safety issues and labour shortage challenges.

The wearable system helps reduce strain and fatigue for both experienced and novice users.

The product is Hilti’s first entry into exoskeletons for the construction industry, and development is initially focused on overhead and shoulder height and above applications because this motion is physically intensive and fatiguing.

To develop the EXO-O1, Hilti partnered with Ottobock, a global leader in prosthetics, orthotics and exoskeletons that help people increase and retain their physical independence. Hilti is currently in real-world jobsite testing and will be bringing the exoskeleton to the market later this year.

The machinery is one part of the company’s solution. Hilti also plans to offer implementation, training and support services on site for Hilti’s customers and their teams.




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