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A sampling of what to expect in HPAC December

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December 16, 2014   HPAC Magazine

Look for your print edition in the mail. On that note, it is certainly an irony that in this “O-o-ops” issue, the editorial (Upfront) in the print edition contains a rather annoying error. If you spot it, e-mail me (kturner@hpacmag.com) − the first two people I hear from will receive a Tim Horton’s gift card from HPAC. Happy hunting!

A sampling of what to expect in HPAC December:

Ghost-Busting Heat Transfer In Return Air Plenums
One of the landmines associated with radiant based HVAC systems using fan/coils for humidification and decontamination is the disconnect often created between those responsible for the air system and those responsible for the hydronic system….

In Defence Of Compressors
I am a great believer in HVAC/R technicians thinking of their craft as being similar to that of being a doctor. As I have said before on these pages, the course of study to become a doctor is fairly rigorous. If one makes it through that…

Long Name… Nice Concept…
Over the years, mechanical engineers have established a standardized method for predicting the conditions under which circulator cavitation will occur. Being engineers they were unable to communicate their ideas without the assistance of…

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