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HRAI GTA chapter and HVAC Coalition end year on high notes

November 26, 2015 | By Doug Picklyk

The HVAC Coalition Inc. held its annual general meeting at a November dinner meeting of the Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) GTA chapter. Martin Luymes, HRAI director, programs/relations, provided an update on the Coalition’s challenge to Oakville Hydro and its affiliate Sandpiper Energy Solutions. This has resulted in a favourable ruling from the Ontario Energy Board regarding the relationship between a utility and its affiliate.

“Utilities seem to think it is better to ask forgiveness instead of permission,” said Roger Grochmal, HVAC Coalition chair. “I thought the OEB response spoke volumes about the influence of our industry. I think that’s where our future lies – work to influence legislators.”

Luymes later presented an update on HRAI activities. These include a new political advocacy program, mandatory home energy labelling (in Ontario), Ontario’s Bill 135, Energy Statute Law Amendment Act, 2015, and the move to measuring home efficiency in gigajoules and the opportunities that might present to the HVAC industry. Luymes also commented on the “very geo-friendly” Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, which led to a discussion of rebates. “There are other solutions {rather than rebates] that are more effective,” said Luymes.

He went to provide details about an app called erenovate, which helps homeowners find a contractor. There will be a discount for HRAI members who sign up. Luymes referred to the app as the “Uber” of renovating. “The HVAC industry needs to engage in the growing online world of buyers,” said Luymes.

The chapter, which has cut its dinner meetings back to five times per year, will meet again in January. Contact K.Stark@IndustrialAdmin.ca for details.



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