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Improved energy benchmarks for LEED Canada for Homes

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May 30, 2012

Improved energy benchmarks for LEED Canada for Homes take effect August 1, 2012. The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) is making the move following a survey it conducted in winter 2012. The new minimum for energy performance in the LEED Canada for Homes rating system will be EnerGuide 80 for all homes that register after August 1, 2012. In keeping with this, the Prescriptive and HERS (Home Energy Rating System) paths will also be adjusted: a HERS score of 72 will be required, or if using the prescriptive path a minimum of eight points will need to be achieved from EAc2, EAc3, EAc4, EAc5, EAc6 and EAc7.3. Projects that are registered before August 1 will be able to continue with the existing energy performance thresholds. Introduced in early March 2009, LEED Canada for Homes is a national third-party certification system for energy efficient, healthy, green homes with over 1800 homes registered, and 350 certified to date.

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