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Industry takes the reins on labour market forecasting

April 5, 2013 | By HPAC Magazine

The Construction Sector Council (CSC) has transitioned into BuildForce Canada after its core funding disappeared as a result of federal cuts. CSC had a 10 year history of working with industry to provide labour market forecasting and other resources. “In the wake of the end of the federal government’s Sector Council Program, industry leaders have stepped up to the plate,” said executive director Rosemary Sparks. “We have a new brand, a new board of directors, a new funding model and a new governance structure, but our mandate will continue to address the need for a skilled workforce in the construction industry.” Sparks, who has held the executive director position since October 2011, noted that CSC products will continue to be offered. Moving forward product offerings will be BuildForce branded. Operational funding is coming from the private sector and additional funding will be sought from to government for special projects and initiatives. “As we continue to experience strong construction markets and growing demand for skilled labour, the industry clearly requires comprehensive labour market information,” said board chair Robert Blakely, director of Canadian Affairs for the Building and Construction Trades Department AFL CIO. “We will build on the model we have set up to deliver that information, which includes consultation with many diverse stakeholders.” For more information contact Rosemary Sparks at tel. 905.852.9186.



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