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Keynote address will take the mystery out of simplifying hydronic systems

July 13, 2015 | By Doug Picklyk

It does not have to be complex to be sophisticated.

Do you ever feel there are just too many pipes, circulators, controls and other gadgets in the hydronic systems you design, install, or inspect?

It is amazing how a two-dimensional schematic, one that looks so well organized on paper, can sometimes turn into a dizzying array of hardware when installed. John Siegenthaler’s keynote address at Modern Hydronics-Summit 2015 will look at several ways to simplify your systems without sacrificing performance.

Attendees will learn about methods that reduce upfront cost, as well as life cycle operating cost. By implementing these methods, where appropriate, you will save your customers money, while also improving reliability and long-term serviceability.



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