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Modern Niagara Partnering with CleanTech Start-up

March 9, 2022 | By HPAC Magazine

The agreement with Florida-based Blue Frontier centres around new environmentally-friendly air conditioning technology.

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Modern Niagara Group has entered into a joint product development, manufacturing, and commercialization partnership with Florida-based start-up Blue Frontier; the agreement centres around new packaged rooftop unit technology designed for the commercial building air conditioning market.

Blue Frontier’s technology integrates energy storage and air conditioning in a single device, making the system’s electricity consumption flexible and controllable so that it only occurs when renewable energy is plentiful.

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“Our customers are looking for sustainable cooling and heating solutions that save both energy and money, that makes their building’s energy consumption flexible and consistent with renewable energy generation,” says Modern Niagara CEO, Brad McAninch, in a media release. “The technology is credible, disruptive and provides an exciting improvement to the services we could provide our clients in the coming years. We see great value in it for building owners, investors, utilities and service providers. We are pleased to be working together to bring the first product, a packaged rooftop unit, to market.”





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