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New Journeyperson to apprentice ratios in effect

April 20, 2014 | By HPAC Magazine

OCOT completes review process with 14 reductions and one increase for skilled trades

New trade ratios are now in effect in Ontario following a review of 33 ratios by the Ontario College of Trades (the College). Of the 156 trades in Ontario, 33 are subject to journeyperson to apprentice ratios. The regulation (O.Reg.104/14) posted brings all ratios under one regulation, standardizes the way ratios are expressed, and implements the remaining 2013 Ratio Review Panel decisions to change ratios — the ratios for Cement (Concrete) Finisher and Floor Covering Installer were previously set out in a separate regulation in April 2013.

OCOT initiated a criteria-based process in 2012 that involved independent Review Panels —chaired by vice chairs from the Ontario Labour Relations Board. The Review Panels reviewed all written and oral submissions against set criteria, including  economic impact of the ratio and the health and safety of the apprentice, in order to decide the appropriate journeyperson to apprentice ratio for the trade. In 2013, the Review Panels completed the review of all 33 skilled trades subject to ratios. As a result, 15 of the 33 changed. Of the 15 trades with ratio changes, 14 trades’ ratios were decreased, that is fewer journeypersons required per apprentice, as is the case with plumber, steamfitter, and one non-HVAC/R trade’s ratio was increased.

Quick facts from OCOT:

• The ratio review process is initiated every four years and will begin again in 2016

• 2007 was the last time in Ontario that a ratio was reviewed and amended prior to the ratio review process undertaken by the College.

• In Ontario, the most commonly occurring ratio in the trades is 1:1.



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