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New online course on biomass-based heating systems

April 27, 2015 | By HPAC Magazine

Heatspring Learning Institute, in partnership with the Biomass Thermal Energy Council and John Siegenthaler, is launching a “lite” version of the 10-week online course: Hydronic-Based Biomass Heating Systems. The course focuses specifically on residential and light commercial building systems that use high efficiency/low emission wood gasification and pellet-fired boilers.

It is designed to be completed in one week, and provides 7 AIA continuing education hours. This self-paced course shows how to use modern hydronic heating technology to enhance the performance characteristics of wood gasification and pellet-fired boilers, while providing safe, efficient operation, as well as unsurpassed comfort. It covers fuel sources, energy cost comparisons, boiler sizing and selection, venting, thermal storage, auxiliary heat source integration, control concepts, and low temperature hydronic distribution systems. It pulls these design elements together into several complete and fully documented combisystem designs.

Students can ask post questions to John Siegenthaler on a facebook style bulletin board. They can also interact with other students, download PDF files of all course materials for future reference, and test their level of understanding. After completing this course, heating professionals will be equipped with the knowledge needed to design and install efficient, safe, and reliable heating systems fueled by an abundant and fully renewable fuel source. The course begins on May 11, 2015, For more information please visit http://bitly.com/biomasslite.



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