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OHBA tallies list of bills brought to a halt due to election

May 25, 2014 | By HPAC Magazine

The Ontario Home Builders Association (OHBA) recently released a list of bills that died on May 1, 2014 when the Ontario provincial election was called. (The following appeared in OHBA’s May 13, 2014 Ontario Election Watch newsletter.)

When the Liberal Budget was rejected by Tim Hudak and Andrea Horwarth, plunging the province into an election campaign, all of the Bills that were in the house died on the order paper. This includes a number of Private Member’s Bills (PMBs) as well as a number of Government Bills that were priorities in Premier Kathleen Wynne’s minority government. The following is a list of bills that have been called for debate by the government, but did not receive third reading and royal assent:

Bill 6 – The Great Lakes Protection Act – This bill would have established a Great Lakes Guardian Council and enacted stronger protections for the environmental health of the Great Lakes. OHBA provided the Ministry of the Environment with a submission containing OHBA recommendations last year.

Bill 83 – Protection of Public Participation Act – a government bill to enact anti-SLAPP (Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation) legislation in Ontario.

Bill 91 – Waste Reduction Act – this bill would have updated waste management policies in Ontario including a shift toward EPR policies (Extended Producer Responsibility). OHBA provided the Ministry of Environment with a submission. 

Bill 141 – Infrastructure for Jobs and Prosperity Act – would require the government to create a 10-year infrastructure plan and include life-cycle costing.

Bill 143 – Child Care Modernization Act.

Bill 165 – Fair Minimum Wage Act – would have indexed minimum wage to inflation.

Bill 171 – Fighting Fraud and Reudcing Automobile Insurance Act – would impose sharper panalities for insurance fraud.

Bill 173 – Highway Traffic Amendment Act-  this bill would have increased fines for distracted driving and made some other safety-related amendments.

Bill 177 – MPP Salary Freeze Act – would freeze MPP salaries until the government balanced the budget.

Bill 179 – Public Sector and MPP Accountability and Transparency Act – accountability based legislating to expand FOI and privacy regulations and expand the power of the ombudsman.

PMBs of interest that will also no longer proceed: 

Bill 56 – Aggregate Recycling Act.

Bill 13 – Ontario Forestry Industry Revitilaztion Act – OHBA strongly supported this bill for the inclusion of six-storey wood-frame construction in Ontario. 

Bill 41 – Preserving Existing Communities Act – MPP Frank Klees, PMB that would have reduced some OMB appeal rights. 

Bill 69 – Prompt Payment Act – 2013 MPP Steven Del Duca.  OHBA responded to this PMB and appeared before standing committee. 

Bill 155–  Workplace Safety and Insurance Amendment Act (Premium Rates For Deemed Workers In Construction, 2013) – MPP Laura Albanese. OHBA supported this PMB.

Bill 158 – Million Jobs Act, 2014.

Bill 166 – Toronto Ranked Ballots Election Act.

Bill 169 – Saving Apprentices’ Jobs Act, 2014.



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