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Ontario Minister of Labour offers College of Trades extra year to improve ratios

June 13, 2018 | By Jillian Morgan

The Ontario Minister of Labour has approved a regulation to offer the Ontario College of Trades with an additional year to improve its journeyperson to apprenticeship ratio review process and criteria.

The actual ratio reviews before a panel is set to begin in April 2019.

Over the next year, the college plans to develop a framework intended to clarify the broader public policy objectives ratios, update the ratio review process and make any needed changes to the criteria for determining appropriate ratios.

The framework is being developed with input from broad stakeholder consultations and an advisory panel. It will incorporate feedback from the last round of ratio reviews, including recommendations made by Tony Dean in his Supporting a Strong and Sustainable Ontario College of Trades report, as well as feedback from an earlier round of consultations with members and the public.

The identification of potential data sources is also in progress, according to the college, which will provide relevant labour market data to stakeholders prior to the next round of ratio reviews.

Ratios were last updated four years ago and some were adjusted with the goal to allow sponsors to take on more apprentices. www.collegeoftrades.ca



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