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Ouellet subsidiary acquires Nortron furnaces to grow customer base

By Jillian Morgan   

HPAC General

Based in L’Islet, QC, Ouellet has manufacturing plants in L’Islet, Calgary, AB, Sherbrooke and Nanjing in China.

Sherbrooke, QC-based Dettson Industries, a subsidiary of Ouellet Canada, has acquired the Nortron by Broan brand of electric furnaces.

Dettson will take over 100 per cent of the business from Broan-NuTone Canada. It will be responsible for all activities related to the furnaces, including assembly and distribution.

Nortron furnaces will be available to buy from Ouellet’s subsidiaries: Dettson, Ouellet and Global Commander. www.dettson.ca



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