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Pool industry shakeup: SAS acquires three brands, forms new division

March 12, 2018 | By Jillian Morgan

DAS is based in Buffalo, NY.

Specified Air Solutions (SAS) has acquired three major indoor pool dehumidification brands – Dectron, PoolPak and Seresco – to form a new division: Dehumidified Air Solutions (DAS).

An additional division under SAS, Dehumidified Air Services (DASV), will combine and expand service and technical support teams for all three acquired brands to create a single national network. DASV will augment the current service divisions of DAS’s authorized manufacturer representatives.

“With the combined strength, shared services and market resources of the dehumidifier industry’s top three brands, DAS is positioned to deliver trouble-free, state-of-the-art, indoor pool dehumidification systems and services that are unprecedented in the HVAC industry,” said Charley Brown, president and CEO of SAS.

DASV also aims to improve service and remote trouble-shooting capabilities for its proprietary WebSentry Internet monitoring control systems. WebSentry remotely monitors, records, analyzes and reports on dehumidifier functions in real-time.

Dectron, PoolPak and Seresco will operate as three distinct brands under DAS. www.dehumidifiedairsolutions.com



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