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Research program underway to develop exacting home inspection examination

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The Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors of British Columbia – CAHPI(BC) has announced that it is  collaborating with the University of British Columbia (UBC) on a research program to develop more rigorous proficiency testing for home inspectors. “CAHPI(BC) has an exceptional verification process for candidates who wish to become licensed home inspectors, the best in the industry actually, but there is room to improve,” observed CAHPI(BC) executive director, Helene Barton. Examination of candidates is a key part of what CAHPI(BC) requires before licensing is conferred on an inspector, requiring an 80 per cent passing mark on seven separate exams after proof of education. “Our exams are the best means in the industry to verify competency to date but we believe it is now time to take them to the next level and ensure exam results are verified through an accreditable examination system,” stated Craig Hostland, RHI, president CAHPI(BC). UBC will develop an algorithm with verifiable analytics to ensure test results reflect the competency of the candidate accurately. “Just because a person can pass an exam doesn’t mean they have fully comprehended the subject matter or are able to apply it properly, if the exam is flawed. Some industry exam methods fail to prove credibility of results by being too simple or are easy to beat. Applying verification analytics to an exam process will ensure exam results are verifiably accurate to the best possible level. The provision of a Professional Home Inspection in BC, in our opinion, is serious business that starts with ensuring a home inspector is properly trained and ready to inspect,” said Hostland.



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