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Clock winding down on SaskEnergy Commercial Boiler Program

November 19, 2013 | By HPAC Magazine

SaskEnergy’s Commercial Boiler Program is designed to encourage the use of high-efficiency natural gas hydronic space-heating systems and high efficiency variable speed intelligent circulating pumps in commercial new construction and retrofits. This program is available until November 30, 2013. All applications must be received by the November 30, 2013 deadline and the boiler plant must be purchased and installed within 12 months of the date that SaskEnergy approved the application. Available through SaskEnergy Commercial Network Members located across Saskatchewan, the program provides incentives based on the incremental price of a natural gas condensing boiler and high efficiency circulating pump(s) over the purchase price of a standard-efficiency boiler and single speed pump(s). Incentives are based upon space-heating, ventilating and domestic hot water load and type of equipment installed. The list of eligible condensing boilers that qualify under this program is developed by Natural Resources Canada and FortisBC.



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