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Three ASHRAE public review drafts up for comments

May 31, 2012 | By HPAC Magazine

ASHRAE is inviting comments for  three Public Review Drafts, including ASHRAE Guideline 22-2008R, Instrumentation for Monitoring Central Chilled-Water Plant Efficiency. This guideline defines recommended methods for measuring chilled-water plant thermal load and energy use and for calculating chilled-water plant efficiency. ASHRAE’s Guideline 26-2008R, Guideline for Field Testing of General Ventilation Filtration Devices and Systems for Removal Efficiency In-Situ by Particle Size and Resistance to Flow describes a procedure for measuring the performance of general ventilation air-cleaning devices in an end-use installed configuration.BSR/ASHRAE Standard 86-1994R, Methods of Testing the Floc Point of Refrigeration Grade Oils describes a standard test method for measuring the floc point (waxing tendency) of refrigeration grade oils. 



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