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TOTO commercial products dubbed Red List Free

By Doug Picklyk   

HPAC General

TOTO recently announced that its high-efficiency commercial wall-hung toilet, two ultra high-efficiency urinals and wall-hung commercial lavatory have been dubbed Red List Free, by the International Living Future Institute’s (ILFI) Declare Products Database.

The ILFI’s Declare Program may be compared to nutritional labeling on packaged food. If the ILFI finds that a product contains an ingredient from the Living Building Challenge’s (LBC) Red List, that ingredient is written in red on the label, and the product is listed in the Declare database as Declared. If it ascertains that a product contains a Red List ingredient with a LBC exception, the exception is noted on the Declare label, and the product is listed as LBC compliant. If a product has no Red List Ingredients, such as the TOTO products mentioned above, it is listed as Red List Free.

“Transparency is the ‘secret ingredient’ in all TOTO products,” said Bill Strang, TOTO president of operations for the Americas.

In addition to its Red List Free products, TOTO has also announced that three new PVC-free high-efficiency toilets (HETs) are LBC compliant, five new HETs are Declared, and a new commercial undercounter lavatory has also been Declared.

Some of the ingredients found on the LBC Red List include asbestos, mercury, lead and halogenated flame retardants.



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