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Update on the national Survey of Commercial and Institutional Energy Use

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The national Survey of Commercial and Institutional Energy Use (SCIEU) 2014, as conducted by Statistics Canada on behalf of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), is at its mid-point in data collection. The current SCIEU was launched in the second week of February 2015 and is gathering data for the 2014 calendar year.

The survey is conducted every five years to collect detailed information on the energy demand and consumption patterns of Canadian organizations and institutions, their buildings and establishments. The last one was conducted in 2010 and collected data for calendar year 2009.

The results of this survey, which will be completed by September 2015, will be released in 2016 and used by utilities, as well as provincial and federal governments, to develop programs and policies that will improve the energy efficiency of commercial and institutional buildings in Canada. The results of the survey will also provide current energy use data to NRCan to update existing ENERGY STAR performance scores as well as to develop new scores for building types that do not yet have them.



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