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Viega continues North American manufacturing investments

April 3, 2024 | By HPAC Magazine

The company is spending over $16 million to support the manufacturing of MegaPress products in Kansas.

MegaPress products.

Viega North America is investing over $16 million in new equipment to bring more manufacturing to North America, specifically for its MegaPress line.

The company is installing new MegaPress laser welding and smart connect machining in its McPherson, Kansas plant that welds components together to make complete fittings, an investment of $4.1 million.

“We have only ever used this technology in Germany,” said Viega COO, Marki Huston, in a company release. “We sent employees to Germany to train for more than six months on how to run the equipment. The demand for MegaPress products continues to grow and having this new equipment enables us to supply our customers more quickly.”

The company also announced it will be manufacturing MegaPress fittings in sizes 2-1/2-in. to 4-in. in the same plant. The equipment needed to manufacture these products represents an additional $12.5 million investment in the facility. “With the continued growth of MegaPress products used in North America, we will be able to manufacture them here in the U.S. sustainably and get them to our customers faster,” said Huston.

Both sets of manufacturing equipment are scheduled to start production on July 1, 2024.

Just last year Viega invested $14 million in its ProPress equipment for the McPherson manufacturing and distribution centre, a facility covering around 1 million sq. ft. that has more than doubled its footprint and workforce since opening in 2008.




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