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Plumbing and fire protection distributors merge

September 24, 2014 | By HPAC Magazine

Waterline and LynCar, suppliers of plumbing and fire protection products to wholesalers and retailers, have announced that they have completed a merger, bringing the two businesses under common ownership. They will continue to operate as standalone companies and brands. Mississauga-based Waterline and Brampton-based LynCar focus on plumbing and fire protection products for the construction, renovation and maintenance markets. The combined businesses will continue to be privately-owned and led by existing senior management. LynCar, which was founded in 1964, reorganized into two separate customer-focused divisions in 2013. Its fire sprinkler customers are served by LynCar Fire Inc., while its plumbing, HVAC and industrial customers are served by LynCar Inc.  Waterline has designed and developed code-compliant products since 1953.



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