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World Plumbing Day: March 11

March 3, 2021 | By HPAC Magazine

World Plumbing Day is March 11, support the trade and do your part to recognize the international celebration.

World Plumbing Day is happening on March 11.

Established by the World Plumbing Council in 2010, the day is now a fixture on calendars around the globe.

The recognition honours of the tradespeople who keep our clean water running and our toilets flushing.

Access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation can all be accredited to plumbing systems and the tradespeople who build and maintain them.

According to the CIPH and World Health Organization, there are still 785 million people around the world without access to basic drinking water services. It is estimated that 829,000 people die each year due to consuming unsafe drinking water.

To learn more and get involved in recognizing World Plumber Day on Thursday, March 11th visit CIPH’s World Plumbing Day page  celebrating this annual event, where social media assets are available to include in your own personal celebrations.

On Twitter follow @WPlumbingDay and send out your own Tweets including #worldplumbingday.

Find more resources here: World Plumbing Day



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