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FortisBC Introduces Commercial Rebate for Gas Absorption Heat Pumps in Canada

June 23, 2022 | By Logan Caswell

FortisBC started testing gas absorption heat pumps at the end of 2019 as part of a pilot program to better understand how these units would operate in real-world settings.

FortisBC is introducing a new commercial prescriptive rebate offer in Canada for gas absorption heat pumps.

The program is offered to commercial, multi-unit residential and institutional buildings, from office buildings, hotels and schools to hospitals, recreation centres and care homes.

The program is available for retrofit applications, and the building must have a dedicated outdoor space either on the ground level or roof for the gas absorption heat pump units.

Commercial customers can receive up to $35,000 in rebates depending on the scope of the project.

There is also funding available for customers to complete a technical feasibility study, as well as system bonuses of up to $25,000 for creating a comprehensive system by combining gas heat pumps with smart controls and a high-efficiency natural gas boiler and/or water heater.

FortisBC started testing gas absorption heat pumps at the end of 2019, installing Robur “A” gas absorption heat pumps at seven commercial sites across B.C. The units were installed to serve the domestic hot water needs for the sites and the Fortis team measured the performance and efficiencies of the units from 2019-2020. .

The results showed that a system could achieve up to 35% in energy savings and a GHG emission reduction of up to 50% compared to standard efficiency natural gas boilers. FortisBC is currently conducting similar tests on residential gas heat pumps in homes across B.C.

As for the commercial program, FortisBC is already working with 17 organizations to install gas absorption heat pumps in their businesses including a healthcare centre, a firehall and multi-unit residential buildings.

FortisBC will be working with these organizations over the next two years to learn more about the installation process, the customer’s experience and better understand ways to maximize energy savings with these heat pumps.




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