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Canada to adopt the UK STEM Award program

July 28, 2016 | By HPAC Magazine

Babcock Canada, Inc., a subsidiary of Babcock International Group, has announced the inaugural year of the STEM Spotlight Awards in Canada. This initiative honours the ideas of students entering skilled trades professions, and aims to recognize the benefits and career opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) related fields.

The competition, which launches in September 2016, consists of five categories for student application and recognition, and is modelled after the United Kingdom’s STEM Awards presented by the Babcock International Group.

The STEM program is only open to BC students for its inaugural year, “However we’re looking to expand nationally in the future,” said Laura Mitchell, account manager at Talk Shop Media Inc., STEM Spotlight Awards.

Industry professionals from each of the technology, environment, marine, mining and energy categories will present a specific complication or obstacle related to their industry. Skilled trades student participants are invited to create and submit a solution based on a clear set of criteria. A shortlist will be produced of the most impressive entries within each of the five categories. These participants will then present their ideas before their category sponsor during the first round, and then present to a panel of three expert independent judges during the second round for a chance to win the overall grand prize.

“If the judges and sponsors of past competitions in the UK have learned one thing, it is that despite a shortage of workers in the STEM sectors, there is no lack of inspiring individuals and exceptional ideas,” explained Mark Dixon, president of Babcock Canada Inc.




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