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National Backflow Prevention Day to Highlight Plumbing Safety

July 29, 2022 | By Logan Caswell

The second ever Backflow Prevention Day to draw attention to cross-connection control.

National Backflow Prevention Day on August 16, 2022, recognizes the role of backflow prevention and cross-connection control and those who install, maintain, and test backflow preventers.

National Backflow Prevention Day also marks the 1933 incident at a Chicago hotel resulting in 98 deaths and 2,000 illnesses. The incident led to the founding of the Foundation for Cross-Connection Control and Hydraulic Research and to new safe plumbing regulations for backflow assemblies.

The inaugural National Backflow Prevention Day was launched last year, and it was created by Watts who will mark the day this year by hosting a live-stream event on its YouTube channel focused on sustainability in backflow prevention.

To learn more about National Backflow Prevention Day and how to observe it, go to National Day Archives – National Backflow Prevention Day.




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