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National Propane Day to Debut on March 21

March 10, 2023 | By Logan Caswell

A new day to recognize the role of propane as an energy source used across the country.

(Source: Canadian Propane Association)

The Canadian Propane Association (CPA) is celebrating the inaugural National Propane Day on March 21, 2023.

National Propane Day was founded by the Canadian Propane Association and represents an opportunity to recognize propane as a Canadian energy source and its role in our energy future.

Propane is used daily by millions of Canadians for water and heating, cooking, and power generation at home and work. It is an energy source with countless applications, from powering fleets and school buses to fisheries, farms, and construction projects.

Millions of homes in Indigenous, rural, and remote locations across Canada rely on wood, diesel, and heating oil as their primary heat source. Propane can help Canadians lower their emissions with furnaces achieving 98% efficiency, saving residents up to 30-45% of heating costs and reducing emissions up to 38% compared to oil furnaces.

Propane is also a backup energy source for renewable energy systems like solar and wind by providing reliable and consistent energy when renewable sources are not available. In addition, propane does not degrade over time, making it a reliable option to provide emergency power for critical infrastructure like hospitals, emergency fleets, and other essential services during power outages or natural disasters.

Advancements are being made today to make propane an even lower carbon energy. Propane can be combined with renewable DME (dimethyl ether) and hydrogen, reducing emissions, and with renewable propane already being produced in some parts of the world, it will reach near zero emissions.




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