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Fujitsu partners up to create VRF-based HVAC product

December 4, 2017 | By Jillian Morgan


For AHR Expo attendees, the product will be on display at the Fujitsu booth and the Ventacity booth.

Fujitsu General America has partnered with Ventacity Systems to deliver a VRF-based HVAC solution.

Fujitsu’s partnership with Ventacity – Portland, OR-based producer of ultra-efficient ventilation and controls products – aims to bring a “new approach” to ventilation and HVAC solutions for commercial projects, according to the company.

“Our customers are looking for smart building solutions to provide more efficient, healthier ventilation and better zone-by-zone controls. Fujitsu chose to work with Ventacity because their technology enhances energy efficiency, comfort, control and ventilation,” said Andy Armstrong, vice president of sales and marketing at Fujitsu.

Ventacity’s HVAC products offer a replacement for rooftop, unit-driven systems in buildings. The company’s HVAC2 Smarter Building Platform promises integrated HVAC equipment designed for improved efficiency and performance.

“Ventacity welcomes this great opportunity to work with Fujitsu to bring our advanced ventilation and whole building control technology to the market,” said Sal D’Auria, founder and CEO, Ventacity. “Fujitsu is forward-thinking in offering its customers the best available solutions. Both companies are in sync on how we see smart ventilation and overall HVAC networking and control technology evolving, so it is a great mutual alliance.”

The joint-product is expected to be on display at the international Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo) in January 2018. www.fujitsugeneral.com



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