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Interval Data Optimization research results released

September 6, 2017 | By HPAC Magazine

Research from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation examined the application of a new approach that uses the feedback from interval data to optimize building heating system performance of seven multi-unit residential buildings with central, natural gas-fired, space heating boiler systems. The study involved assessing the interval data from the natural gas meters, modifying and changing the boiler control strategy (some distribution pipe changes were sometimes required within the boiler room) and examining the climate normalized natural gas consumption before and after the retrofit.

Given the costs and savings resulting from the seven projects in the study, buildings that are identified as good candidates for interval data optimization (IDO) can be expected to achieve a simple payback period of less than two years. This makes investment in IDO at these buildings very attractive and no additional financial incentives should be required to promote uptake of the technology. Instead, a change in approach is needed, with an emphasis on measurement and continual optimization.

The research clearly demonstrates that significant energy and cost
savings can be had in older gas heated buildings with relatively little
disruption to the building users and modest costs to the building




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