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Resideo fills out hydronic product line-up and reintroduces Braukmann branding

March 2, 2021 | By Doug Picklyk

hydronicResideo Technologies has announced new Resideo-branded hydronic heating components that complement its portfolio, and the company is also reintroducing the Braukmann product name to its global potable water products.

Resideo’s enhanced hydronic portfolio includes circulating pumps, hydraulic separators, air eliminators and boiler installation trim kits.

“Our professional contractors’ time and energy are precious, so we’re looking forward to offering them a complete easy-to-install hydronics system from Resideo that is engineered for accuracy, safety and reliability,” said Matthew Robbins, vice president global product management, in a company release. “Our new hydronics solutions are our first Resideo-branded offerings and serve as a true example of what our professionals can expect from Resideo’s behind-the-wall solutions: quality solutions that help save our professionals time, money, labor, and parts.”

Resideo’s new hydronic solutions include:

  • hydronicAquaPUMP variable speed circulating pumps offered in both cast iron and stainless-steel models for closed- and open-looped applications. Available in five different modes of operation, the pumps cover the performance of fixed- and variable-speed circulators and utilize pressure responsive control. These quiet and energy-efficient pumps are backed by a five-year warranty.
  • hydronicMagnetic Hydraulic Separators to regulate pressure, reduce flow velocity, minimize audible noises with air elimination and protect the boiler system from ferrous sediment with a standardized magnet. The hydraulic separator bodies are offered with union connections from 1-in. to 2-in. for sweat, threaded, or press fitting. Flanged bodies are available with connections from 2-in. to 6-in.
  • Press PV SuperVent air eliminators to vent out the air in hydronic systems. The air eliminators have debris baffles to control dirt fouling and to prevent failing. An adjustable collar ring allows for easy installation and application flexibility.
  • hydronicPress Boiler Trim Kits offering a Press PV SuperVent air eliminator, Press NK300 boiler feed combination and expansion tank with service check valve all in one box.

The newly expanded hydronic portfolio is now available in Canada and the U.S. and through Resideo’s distribution network.

Resideo Braukmann

Resideo is also reintroducing the Braukmann product name to its global potable water products, including pressure reducing valves and mixing valves.

“Our European and North American customers have known and trusted the Braukmann name for more than 40 years, and we’re honoured to bring back the well-known potable water product family,” said Lisa Goldson Armstrong, vice president of global marketing at Resideo, in the release.

The company acquired Braukmann in 1980 from its founder, and the company comes with more than 75 years of experience in the European residential water control market. The Resideo Braukmann solutions are available globally through Resideo’s distribution network.




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