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Bradford White to acquire Keltech tankless electric water heater business

January 4, 2021 | By HPAC Magazine

Keltech was acquired by Bradley Corp. in December, 2012 and is a recognized brand in the commercial and industrial water heating community.

tanklessBradford White Corp. has reached an agreement with Bradley Corp. to acquire the assets of Keltech, Inc., a manufacturer of commercial electric tankless water heaters.

Bradley acquired the company in December, 2012.

Upon closing, the acquisition will expand Bradford White’s portfolio of commercial electric products as the adoption of electrification initiatives by communities throughout North America continues to grow.

“Since the Keltech line was introduced in 1987, it has been known in the commercial and industrial water heating community for its dependable performance record,” said Bruce Carnevale, CEO and president of Bradford White Corp. in a company release.

The Keltech acquisition will also launch a new partnership between Bradford White and Bradley. Some Bradley products are complemented by a portion of the Keltech electric tankless water heater portfolio and Bradford White will supply those models to Bradley under the ‘Bradley powered by Keltech’ brand.




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