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KBIS Awards Leading-Edge Products

March 8, 2024 | By HPAC Magazine

The 2024 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas handed out its Best of KBIS Awards recognizing innovative products in the kitchen and bath industry.

Taking advantage of the extra day this year, the 2024 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) ran from February 27th through 29th (Leap Day) in Las Vegas, and as in year’s past the show handed out its Best of KBIS Awards on the second day.

The Awards recognize innovative products in the kitchen and bath industry in a variety of categories including style, function, sustainability and wellness.

And although not all of the award-winning products are necessarily available today in Canada, they point towards what plumbing pros can expect to see in the near future. Below is a selection of this year’s Best of KBIS award winners:

Overall Best of Show

Freepower countertop, by Freepower, technology making any countertop a phone charging area.


Style Statement: Bathroom GOLD

Wall-Mounted Tub Filler by Quebec-based Tenzo Fine Plomberie . This unique tub filler features a retractable hose and a 12-in. swivel spout that can fold back parallel to the wall. This design blends function and elegance.


Style Statement: Bathroom – SILVER

Venezia by Venini from Fantini, brightly coloured glass filigree and two-tone faucet handles. Stylish collection brings a unique designer touch to any master bath, guest bathroom or powder room.


Most Functional Find – SILVER

HydroTap Celsius All-in-One Plus with pull-down sprayer by Zip Water, a multi-function kitchen faucet offering filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water with the option of unfiltered hot and cold water, dispensed from the tap as well as a pull-down sprayer.


Sustainable Standout – GOLD

RainStick Lite by Vancouver-based RainStick; (a product that made TIME magazine’s Top Invention List last year), a shower system that begins using supplied water, and then instead of being wasted down the drain its technology captures, circulates, and cleanses the water in real-time, and the new version does everything behind the wall.


Wellness Trailblazer – GOLD

SpaViva two-function handshower and all-in-one cleansing device by Kohler; a handshower that features two spray types, KOHLER’s Katalyst spray and its new MicroBubble spray, and four skincare tools that insert into the shower head including a face brush, body brush, body scrubber, and body massager.


Wellness Trailblazer – SILVER

M6A water purifier by FOTILE; the FOTILE NSP (New Selected Pureration) water purifier, an under-sink water filtration system that removes over 99% of harmful metals while preserving essential minerals using a seven-step filtration that includes a Selective Filtration Membrane with billions of absorption points.






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