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Toronto-based Developer Installing Smart Water Technology in 13 Projects

June 7, 2022 | By HPAC Magazine

The Daniels Corporation will be adding Eddy Solutions intelligent leak protection into all their buildings in the Greater Toronto Area which includes more than 5,000 units across 13 projects.

Eddy Smart Home Solutions, the Toronto-based provider of smart residential and commercial water metering and monitoring services, has announced a service agreement with The Daniels Corporation, a real estate developer and builder, whereby Daniels will be adding intelligent leak protection into all their buildings which includes more than 5,000 units across 13 projects.

The service contract has a value of approximately $8 million.  

Eddy’s system will be installed in all of Daniels projects, protecting the building and units with real-time monitoring, smart sensors, and remote and automatic shutoffs that identify and action issues in all areas of the building, including the risers, mechanical rooms, suites, and common areas.

“Water escape is a significant risk to buildings and residents in our industry,” noted Sam Tassone, partner, The Daniels Corp. in a media release.

“Resilient construction is a particular area of focus for us as a developer/builder. Water damage can cause significant project delays, losses, and require major rework in an industry already under stress. Eddy’s intelligent system provides us with a holistic tool that not only allows us to mitigate and control water in our projects but offers insurance benefits as well.”

Earlier this year Eddy Solutions acquired Reed Controls, developers of a water management technology platform of hardware and cloud software that manages water related risk and conserves water, enhancing Eddy’s smart water offering.





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