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Bell & Gossett expand line of hydronic air and sediment separators

May 27, 2021 | By HPAC Magazine

The units filter entrained air and suspended solids out of system fluid, improving heat transfer and energy efficiency

filterBell & Gossett has expanded its line of CRS coalescing-style air and sediment separators. The extended CRS line – available for use in any hydronic system – helps break entrained air and suspended solids out of system fluid, efficiently removing these contaminants and improving heat transfer and energy efficiency.

The CRS separator’s internal coalescing media efficiently removes up to 100% of fluid contaminants — including entrained and free air and suspended solids — improving heat transfer capabilities and resulting in energy efficiencies.

Features include:

  • Lifting Lugs – makes moving and installing easier
  • Threaded Connection – provides optional air vent or can be used for connection to an expansion tank
  • Optional Skim Valve – removes large volumes of air during system fill
  • Stainless Steel Coalescing Media (patent pending) – helps break the surface tension within the system fluid to release air and allow bubbles to rise to the top of the tank for removal or direct to the expansion tank
  • Tank Body Design – is twice as large as the inlet and outlet nozzles providing a reduction in fluid velocity, easing the removal of entrained air and suspended solids

The CRS coalescing-style air and sediment separators are available in a number of models (air-only, sediment-only, and air/sediment combo separation), with the option for a removable or non-removable coalescing media, and for standard or high velocities. Models available in sizes 2-in. through 36-in. with 2-in. to 4-in. flange or groove end connections.

Max 150 psi and 450F (232C) maximum working temperature.




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