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Calefactio expands its air and dirt separator line

May 15, 2023 | By HPAC Magazine

The Cal-X-Tract series now includes an air separator, dirt separator and an air & dirt separator with magnet.

Calefactio has added new products to its line-up of Cal-X-Tract air and dirt separators.

In addition to an air separator, the series now includes a dirt separator and an air & dirt separator with magnet.

Each product in the Cal-X-Tract line includes a stainless-steel bristle coalescing media to catch the finest micro-bubbles, air and dirt particles without affecting flow.

The coalescence process produced by the media allows air and micro-bubbles to fuse and then be evacuated through the Calvent automatic air vent.

As for the dirt particles, they collide with each other and then fall to the bottom of the separator to be drained.

Models with a magnet facilitate the separation and accumulation of ferrous impurities thanks to the magnetic field. Some non-ferrous particles are also captured.

Calefactio’s Cal-X-Tract separators are offered in NPT, sweat or press connections (¾-in. to 2-in.).

The maximum temperature is 120C (250F) and the maximum pressure is 150 psi.

The sturdy design of the Cal-X-Tract products promotes and protects their efficiency and longevity.




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