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October 14, 2016 | By HPAC Magazine

flirThe FLIR ONE is a lightweight accessory for your iOS or Android Device that shows you the world with a unique blend of thermal and visible imaging. The FLIR ONE shows you the world from a “Thermal Perspective” with live thermal infrared imagery using the FLIR ONE iPhone app. It works by detecting heat (thermal) energy, giving you the ability to “see” and measure minute temperature variances. The superior imagery is created with the Exclusive MSX Technology that blends thermal and visible spectrum for more detailed and enhanced resolution. Now you can detect energy leaks, hidden moisture and other problems around your home or job site. The lightweight imager is ideal for seeing radiant floor heating, HVAC insulation loss, coolant leaks and various performance-limiting issues on the job. Capture, save and email instantly with the free FLIR One app!




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