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Mitsubishi Electric Introduces FS Mini-Split with Hyper-Heat Plus

July 20, 2021 | By HPAC Magazine

New technology delivers 100% heating at -20C, and sustains high efficiency as low as -25C.

Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada has introduced the FS wall-mounted mini-split system featuring the company’s Hyper-Heat Plus technology delivering 100% heating performance at -20C, and sustaining high efficiency in temperatures as low as -25C.

The Energy Star-rated FS model comes with a 12-year extended warranty on parts and compressor (for approved combinations).

Other technologies on the FS units include a Dual Barrier Coating that prevents dust and dirt from accumulating on the inner surface of the heat pump—blended “fluorine particles” prevent hydrophilic dirt penetration and “hydrophilic particles” stop hydrophobic dirt from getting into the system.

The FS model is equipped with Nano Platinum Filters that break down bacteria, mould and odours while a Deodorizing Filter ensures odorous components are destroyed at the source. The Electrostatic Anti-Allergy Enzyme Filter neutralizes viruses, bacteria and allergens.

Additionally, the 3D i-see sensor on the FS model scans the entire room, ensuring even room temperature is delivered. The i-see sensor is able to detect if people are in the room and is able to turn on/off accordingly.




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