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Navac’s Mini-Split Toolkit

April 27, 2021 | By HPAC Magazine

Nine-piece tool kit designed to make mini-split system installations more efficient for technicians.

mini-splitNAVAC has introduced a nine-piece tool kit for mini-split system installations. The NKS1 Mini-Split Tool Kit features tools designed to make a technicians’ jobs more efficient.

The kit includes a battery-driven flaring tool, the NEF6LM Power Flaring Tool that can create flares in five sizes, ranging from ¼-in. to ¾-in. It can complete a flare in 15 seconds and make over 100 flares per charge.

It also includes the NTW1 Digital Torque Wrench that allows dual direction operation (CW & CCW) and selectable measuring units (ft-lb, in-lb, N-m, kg-cm) and the NRM1D Manifold Gauge with digital display.

Other items in Mini-Split Tool Kit include:

• NHK1 30-piece Hex Wrench Set, size of 7/25- to 3/8-in., or 0.7-10 mm
• NTC6 Tube Cutter, for tube diameters from 1/8- to ¾-in.
• NTC12 Tube Cutter, for tube diameters from 1/8- to 1¼-in.
• NTR14 Internal/Eternal Reamer, for tube diameters from 1/8- to 1½-in.
• NTD28 Tube Deburrer
• NFG1 Flare Gauge, with six tube diameters from ¼-in. through ¾-in.




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