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Navien Introduces New Line of PeakFlow Scale Prevention Products

November 30, 2021 | By Logan Caswell

The three new models include point-of-entry and commercial grade scale prevention.

Navien has introduced three new chemical-free and environmentally friendly products to refresh their PeakFlow lineup of scale prevention solutions. The three models, PeakFlow S, PeakFlow A and PeakFlow C, include point-of-entry and commercial grade scale prevention.

Improving upon the PeakFlow E accessory that Navien has offered for several years, the new PeakFlow S is available as a point-of-use residential solution installed at the cold-water supply line before the water heater to prevent scale build-up within a water heater system.

New to Navien’s lineup of PeakFlow products are the PeakFlow A (advanced) and PeakFlow C (commercial). Both models can be installed at the cold water line leading into a water heater system to prevent scale build-up for flow rates up to 10 GPM. PeakFlow A can also be installed as a whole house point-of-entry system that helps prevent scale for all water flowing through a house. PeakFlow C is designed specifically for commercial water heating systems that need to prevent scale at larger flow rates




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