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NTI’s new Compass floor mount boiler

July 10, 2024 | By HPAC Magazine

The fire tube boiler features reversible left or right plumbing connections, a built-in ECM pump and a new user-friendly interface.

NTI Boilers has introduced the NTI Compass, a condensing floor mount, fire tube boiler that includes a new user interface for set up and troubleshooting.

The latest addition to the NTI lineup, the unit features independently reversible plumbing connections, as well as a built-in ECM pump.

With its field reversible left- or right-hand piping and built in primary/secondary, it makes retrofitting to existing piping systems easier than a wall hung product.

Durable, high-quality heat exchangers are manufactured with rugged construction from SA-240 S43932 Chromium stainless steel. The design makes it highly resistant to combustion chamber fouling.

The boiler maintains 95-96% annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) and is available from 85-199 MBH.

Systems can be designed to cascade up to eight boilers, and are available in both combi and non-combi models.

The new user interface streamlines set-up and troubleshooting, and it features a set-up wizard for easy programming, intuitive navigation of menus, clear labeling of specific menus to find parameters, readable display, password protection and simple management of two zones.

Language instead of codes allows installers and technicians to avoid using a manual to decipher what the codes mean.

The connectivity platform, NTI Net, empowers technicians to remotely view real-time boiler data, including settings, status, history and statistics in an easily understandable format.

Technicians can modify the setting and submit, and NTI Net will implement the change while tracking who made the adjustment and when it was made.

Immediate email notifications for blocking errors ensure technicians are aware of an issue before the homeowner contacts them.




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