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Forced Air Heating HVAC Systems
August 19, 2021  

Allied Air introduces two-stage constant torque gas furnace

The 80G2E, an 80% two-stage constant torque gas furnace with EC motor, is available in the Ducane, Concord and Allied brands.

HPAC General Human Resources HVAC Systems Hydronics Management
August 18, 2021  

Red Devil Offers HVAC Contractors Superior Duct Sealant Solutions

Red Devil D-Seal is a smooth, water-based duct sealant suitable for all types of HVAC duct systems.

Engineering HPAC General Human Resources HVAC Systems Hydronics Management
August 18, 2021  

Watts Introduces ArmorTek Advanced Coating System

Specially designed to bond to the primer and provides a high-strength barrier between the iron substrate and water.

HPAC General Human Resources HVAC Systems Hydronics Management Plumbing
August 18, 2021  

RectorSeal Offers Drain Guard HVAC Condensate

Laboratory-tested and are specifically designed for operation by HVAC technicians.

HPAC General Human Resources HVAC Systems Hydronics Management
August 11, 2021  

Taco Comfort Solutions VR Series ECM Circulators

Circulators provide an easy-to-program pump interface with real-time feedback.

Cooling Forced Air Health & Safety HPAC General Human Resources HVAC Systems Hydronics
July 30, 2021  

GE Appliances Introduces New GE Zoneline Ultimate V10

Additional features include silent cooling, onboard diagnostics and WiFi capabilities.

Controls Forced Air HPAC General HVAC Systems
July 22, 2021  

Systemair IV Smart EC – Modbus Jet Fan

Designed for the next generation of parking garage ventilation.

Cooling Forced Air Heat Pumps Heating HPAC General HVAC Systems
July 20, 2021  

Mitsubishi Electric Introduces FS Mini-Split with Hyper-Heat Plus

New technology delivers 100% heating at -20C, and sustains high efficiency as low as -25C.

HPAC General HVAC Systems Hydronics Refrigeration
July 20, 2021  

Little Giant’s VCCA Series Condensate Pumps for HVAC

The low-profile pumps are designed for use in the automatic collection and removal of condensate from air conditioning, refrigeration and dehumidification equipment.

Cooling HVAC Systems
July 15, 2021  

E Flow Technologies expands SMARTPACK fan packs

Now available for 480 – 600V 3-phase AC voltage 50/60Hz for Canadian applications.

July 12, 2021  

Watts Big Bubba drinking water filtration solution

The complete whole home filtration solution gives plumbing contractors a solution for homeowners concerned about lead, PFAS, cysts, and chlorine taste & odour in their drinking water.

Controls Forced Air Heating HPAC General HVAC Systems
July 12, 2021  

White-Rodgers All-Spark universal ignition module

New connected device replaces more than 800 24V intermittent pilot and direct spark ignition part numbers in the HVAC market.

Forced Air Health & Safety HPAC General Human Resources HVAC Systems Hydronics Management
June 30, 2021  

Teledyne Flir Releases New MR265 Moisture and Thermal Imager

Using the MR265 will give anyone multiple ways to read and report moisture levels, as well as identify temperature anomalies that could denote issues from leaking pipes or overheating circuits.

Controls HPAC General Human Resources HVAC Systems Hydronics
June 18, 2021  

Tekmar Launches BACnet Snow/Ice Sensor Interface 681

The BACnet Snow/Ice Sensor Interface is compatible with any BAS controller via BACnet MS/TP communication.

June 11, 2021  

Prier introduces irrigation valve with built-in elbow

The exterior plumbing product makes services systems easier.

Cooling HVAC Systems Refrigeration
June 10, 2021  

Johnson Controls expands water-cooled chiller portfolio

The Quantech QWC4 water-cooled screw chiller uses variable speed drive technology.

Heating Hydronics
June 8, 2021  

Lochinvar’s new CREST commercial boilers with Hellcat Combustion Technology

The technology features an O2 sensor located in the combustion chamber which combined with the boiler’s operating control helps automatically adapt to changing environmental conditions.

June 2, 2021  

Watts WiFi connected IntelliFlow shut off valve

The ‘smart’ washing machine shutoff valve automatically turns off the water to the machine when it is not in use.

Cooling Forced Air Heating HVAC Systems Hydronics
May 31, 2021  

Jaga expands hydronic fan coil unit line

The higher capacity Briza 22 and Briza 26 units are small enough to install in the wall or ceiling with either ducted or non-ducted systems.

Green Technology Hydronics Plumbing
May 31, 2021  

Taco grows stainless steel ECM circulator family

The 0015e and 0018e circulators are now available in NSF/ANSI 61 & 372 certified stainless steel for domestic water circulation.

May 28, 2021  

Compact. Quiet. The NEW Model 406 Drain Pump

The new Model 406 drain pump by Liberty Pumps

May 28, 2021  

Kinetic Water Ram® Clears Clogged Drains Fast

The all-metal Kinetic Water Ram™ from General Pipe Cleaners’

May 28, 2021  

Together, we’ve pumped a lot of water in 80 years.

There’s a reason we’ve been the go-to pump for

May 28, 2021  

Big Performance in a Small Package

LAARS® FT Series Floor Standing Boiler or Combi delivers:

Hydronics Plumbing
May 27, 2021  

Bell & Gossett expand line of hydronic air and sediment separators

The units filter entrained air and suspended solids out of system fluid, improving heat transfer and energy efficiency

May 26, 2021  

IPEX Aqua-Rise True Union ball valves now up to 4-in.

Valves for hot and cold potable water distribution systems now available from 1/2-in. to 4-in.