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February 7, 2022  

Little Giant – We’ve pumped a lot of water in 80 years.

There’s a reason we’ve been the go-to pump for

February 7, 2022  

Innovative Radiant Heating Solution: Ampex: Insulated Radiant Floor Heating Panel

The Amvic Insulated Radiant Pex Panel has been specifically

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February 7, 2022  

The MAKO Backflow Preventer Test Kit

Measure the difference with MAKO Digital backflow testers from

February 7, 2022  

Commercial Job? Trust Bradford White.

Bradford White Water Heaters deliver everything your commercial customers

January 21, 2022  

VIDEO: Specialty Products for Hydronic Systems

Axiom is an industry leading manufacturer of hydronic heating

January 20, 2022  

VIDEO: Introducing the QAHV – Highly Efficient, High Temperature CO2 Heat Pump

Efficient Hot Water Heating Technology with Heat Pump Technology

January 20, 2022  

VIDEO: Canadian Made Equipment

Chad Euverman takes you through the line of Eco-King

HVAC Systems
December 20, 2021  

VIDEO: Climatix Rooftop Unit Solution

Millions of buildings have rooftop units that are not

HVAC Systems
December 20, 2021  

VIDEO: Make Every Breath a Fresh one with Equipco Ltd.

This video features Adam Hedden, Matthew Reid, and the

December 20, 2021  

VIDEO: Little Giant – We’ve pumped a lot of water in 80 years

There’s a reason we’ve been the go-to pump for

December 20, 2021  

VIDEO: Gen-Eye X-POD Plus® Sewer Camera

The new Gen-Eye X-POD Plus® sewer camera from General

Heating HPAC General Plumbing
December 13, 2021  

HTP Introduces Everlast Elevate Electric Water Heater

Its stainless-steel construction allows it to store more thermal energy without risk of premature failure due to corrosion.

HPAC General
December 6, 2021  

Destroy Pathogens with Germicidal UV-C

Keep building occupants safe with a leading and scientifically

December 6, 2021  

Tankless Done Right.

Bradford White’s Infiniti® Series Tankless Water Heaters are the

Heat Pumps HPAC General Human Resources HVAC Systems Management Plumbing
December 3, 2021  

Armstrong Fluid Technology Launches Single Phase Pumps for Light-Duty Installations

The new Design Envelope pumps are now available for use with single phase power (200-230V) from 1/3 to 2hp.

Health & Safety Heat Pumps Heating HPAC General Human Resources HVAC Systems Hydronics Plumbing
November 30, 2021  

Navien Introduces New Line of PeakFlow Scale Prevention Products

The three new models include point-of-entry and commercial grade scale prevention.

Cooling Forced Air Heat Pumps Heating HPAC General Human Resources HVAC Systems Management
November 25, 2021  

Napoleon NS18 Heat Pump and Air Handler

The NS18 Series is compatible with any standard heat pump thermostats, smart thermostats or smart home systems working on 24V.

November 19, 2021  

Carlo Gavazzi introduces Low-Profile Switch Mode Power Supplies

Designed for building automation, the SPMA Series is a compact DIN mount solution with three frame sizes.

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November 17, 2021  

Emerson Introduces EasyHeat Elevated Slab Heating System

Designed for suspended concrete floors, the electric system takes strain off HVAC systems heating skywalks, garages, bridges and more.

Heating HPAC General Human Resources HVAC Systems Hydronics Management
November 16, 2021  

Auto-Balancing System for Radiant Heating from Viega

Web-based app-enabled control lets users to manage the system from anywhere in the world.

Forced Air HPAC General HVAC Systems
November 10, 2021  

Condair Offering HumiLife Steam Humidifier for Homes

Steam is vented through forced air ventilation units and automatically regulated.

Controls Heat Pumps Heating HPAC General HVAC Systems Management
November 9, 2021  

Fujitsu Offers New Single-Zone Halcyon Models

Enhanced controls platform provides multiple control options to optimize comfort and energy savings.  

November 1, 2021  

PRIER’s freezeless roof hydrant

The new P-RH4 sanitary roof hydrant requires just a single penetration in the roof  of 3-⅝-in.

Construction Controls HPAC General Human Resources Management
October 28, 2021  

RIDGID PTC-400 Power Tubing Cutter

The PTC-400 has a quick-acting engagement feature with easy-to-use feed screw to ensure high-speed cutting.

October 26, 2021  

Introducing Eco-King Stainless Steel Electric Tanks

Available in 50 and 80 usg sizes with 3kw

October 26, 2021  

Z-VENT® Double Wall with ZV-Clamp™ Connections

For use with Boilers, Water Heaters and other Gas