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Rinnai New Tankless Water Heater with Intelligent Recirc Technology

July 12, 2022 | By HPAC Magazine

Rinnai America has launched its SENSEI RSC condensing tankless water heater, replacing further production of the RUR models.

The RSC model includes the company’s Smart-Circ Intelligent Recirculation technology which also makes the installation process more efficient and cost-effective.

With Smart-Circ, external controllers are no longer required to provide recirculation for customers, making installation a smoother process.

The Smart-Circ technology “learns” users’ hot water patterns over seven days, then schedules pump and tankless recirculation patterns accordingly. Hot water usage must be greater than 20 seconds to be added to Smart-Circ’s memory, minimizing any unwanted recirculation.

In addition, the RSC model has a multi-speed DC pump, providing a higher flow rate, better head pressure and more flexible operation.

Features that reduces install time and costs for the RSC model include:

  • Simplified recirculation option eliminates the need for the internal bypass and recirculation plug filters.
  • Flexible venting can be installed in an existing condensing vent system for replacement, and new installs use smaller, lighter less expensive concentric venting, including 2” venting options.
  • Mounting bracket for a versatile design, enabling side-to-side movement for easy vent alignment.
  • Quick gas conversion with an inexpensive conversion kit that requires three steps
  • Convenient isolation valves and PRV assembly, which can rotate 360 degrees to accommodate the installation of isolation valves in any application.
  • Effortless parameter adjustments with an easily accessible control panel




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