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Smart Pan Plus for water heaters

By HPAC Magazine   

HPAC General Plumbing leak protection plumbing water heater

Manufactured in Quebec, the pan is a leak protection system with built-in sump pump basin. 

Manufactured in Quebec, the Smart Pan Plus, is a leak protection system with built-in sump pump basin  specifically designed to protect residential and commercial properties from a leaking hot water tanks (electric/gas).

The one-piece design incorporates a large capacity 8-in deep basin within its raised platform.

The basin collects the leak and using a vertical float pump it discharges water directly outdoors or to an existing drain or pit.

The platform also holds the hot water tank up and off the cold damp floor, providing increased energy efficiency while ensuring less corrosion.

The pan is constructed of 3/16-in. ABS and measures 27-in. x 36-in. x 8-in.




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