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VIDEO: Make Every Breath a Fresh one with Equipco Ltd.

December 20, 2021 | By Equipco Ltd.

This video features Adam Hedden, Matthew Reid, and the Equipco Ltd. Eastern Canada team that took time to volunteer at a Habitat for Humanity Build in St. Thomas, Ontario.   Featured in this video is the Air Excellent Air Management System by Centrotherm, a dedicated HRV system that will exhaust stale air and bring fresh air into all areas of the home.  Providing the highest indoor air quality has become a major consideration for everyone involved in the construction process – especially the eventual homeowner.

The air we all breathe has a tremendous impact on our overall health, and Centrotherm’s new Air Excellent Air Management System provides draft-free, noiseless fresh air supply to living spaces and efficient stale air exhaust from kitchens and bathrooms. Additionally, Air Excellent contributes to energy efficient homes and creates better overall environmental footprint.  WATCH VIDEO



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