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We’re calling on hydronic contractors across Canada to get your cameras ready.

Proud of your work? Better than the rest? If it’s “Insta worthy”, it’s time to bring it on!

Contest entry is simple – send us photos (before and after shots work best) of a completed installation.

This can be a new build installation or a retrofit, residential or commercial.

Submissions are limited to one per contractor.

A good looking project is only one part of the judging criteria. Please fill out an entry form (see below) and include a summary of the project (including where and when the job was completed and how it met the customer’s needs) and answer these three questions:

  1. What were the challenges to be solved?
  2. How did the system meet these challenges?
  3. How was the solution creative/innovative? (ie. cost-effective, energy efficient, simplicity in design, user-friendly, modern technology, etc.)

The entries will be judged by category: Residential and Commercial.

This year’s two best entries (one commercial, one residential) will each walk away with $3,000 to spend at their local EMCO wholesale outlet.

Deadline extended to August 19, 2022.

Important: Entries must include the description of the particular challenges faced with this installation and how obstacles were overcome to deliver your customer Sweet Heat.

Last year the judges favoured entries with “simple complexity”, and we all look forward to seeing what Canadian hydronics pros bring to the contest this year.

Click this link to a fillable PDF Entry Form.

The winning entries will be featured in the October 2022 edition of HPAC Magazine – Sweeeet!

Thanks again to those who entered Sweet Heat last year: