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Thermal Energy Metering [30 Mechanical Minutes]

By HPAC Magazine   

Heating Hydronics Btu meter hydronics thermal energy meter

In this session of 30 Mechanical Minutes, first presented at the Modern Hydronics Summit 2021, HPAC editor Doug Picklyk speaks with Curtis Bennett, a regular writer with HPAC and the product development manager at HBX Controls, as well as Sam Kolias, CEO and Chairman of Boardwalk Real Estate Investment Trust, owners of a broad portfolio of multi-tenant buildings (communities) across Canada.

The group talks about the recent trend for multi-unit residential buildings to install thermal energy meters, or Btu meters, for measuring the energy used in hydronic heating systems. The topics covered include: what energy meters are, where they get installed, how they help building owners, and how the hydronics industry can get involved.



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