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Noble launches its AutoStore warehouse automation in Ontario

May 24, 2023 | By HPAC Magazine

The picking and fulfillment system is powered by automated robots that maximize warehouse space and minimize inefficiencies.

Noble, the wholesaler serving the plumbing and heating trade for over 30 years in Ontario, has officially launched its AutoStore, a fully-automated warehouse system operated by autonomous robots.

The wholesaler worked in partnership with Dematic, automated supply chain specialists headquartered in Atlanta, to implement the AutoStore system.

Now fully operational at Noble’s Jane Street branch, the picking and fulfillment system is designed to maximize warehouse space and minimize inefficiencies through automated robots programmed to collect orders from thousands of storage bins.

Noble is the first in the industry to implement such a solution.

“Driven by our 30-year commitment to helping our customers succeed, AutoStore is faster, more accurate and will help us offer a wider range of products to the trades,” said Jim Anderson, general manager at Noble, in a media release. “The volume of products you can stock in a small footprint with AutoStore far exceeds anything else on the market. In our case, we can fit 21,000 SKUs in less than 5,000 sq. ft., dramatically impacting the amount of inventory our teammates can quickly supply to our clients.”

The company will also be launching a new e-commerce platform later this year, so the new automated warehouse will deliver greater efficiencies to that platform as well. And the AutoStore grid is scalable and can grow as demand increases.

Noble will also be offering tours of the AutoStore during its 30th anniversary customer appreciation BBQ and tradeshow event being held Friday, June 23 at the Jane Street location.





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