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June 9, 2023  

Heat Pumps: What is Inverter Technology? [30 Mechanical Minutes]

Ian McTeer and Gerry Wagner sit down with HPAC to discuss the facts behind inverter technology and how it is making heat pumps better.

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June 9, 2023  

Heat Pumps: What Exactly is Inverter Technology? [30 Mechanical Minutes]

Everyone wants to know more about heat pumps. On

May 3, 2023  

RenewAire introduces redesign of HE series commercial ERVs

The new HE series ERVs offer backward curved impellers and EC motors as standard, increased CFM ranges and greater balancing capabilities.

April 3, 2023  

Comfort and Efficiency: Can We Have Both?

Functional airflow is essential to achieving whole home comfort with forced air.

February 2, 2023  

Wolseley Now Offering Residential Ducted HVAC Products From GE Appliances

The product line-up includes furnaces, air conditioners, air handlers, heat pumps, evaporator coils and package units .

December 7, 2022  

ASHRAE Developing IAQ Pathogen Mitigation Standard

The goal is to achieve an enforceable national standard within six months.

November 7, 2022  

Winter 2022

Helping customers achieve efficiency, sustainability and low cost requires balancing existing system replacement with affordable options.

August 25, 2022  

Carel and Master Announce Partnership in Ontario  

Master will maintain a large inventory of Carel humidification products and parts, at their distribution centre in Vaughan, Ontario. 

June 17, 2022  

Midea introduces EVOX heat pump system

The cold climate heat pumps are capable of 100% heating output at -20C (-4F).

June 14, 2022  

Humidity Pipeline

Approaches for dealing with the challenges of hot and heavy weather systems in central and eastern Canada.

May 16, 2022  

ASHRAE Conference Coming to Toronto

The five-day event includes eight conference tracks, over 80 sessions, tours, social experiences and industry-specific committee meetings.

April 12, 2022  

Air Quality and Energy Efficiency

Combining a dedicated outdoor air system with active chilled beams is a modern hydronics solution for well conditioned spaces in buildings.

April 6, 2022  

MEET Show 2022 Open For Registration

Taking place May 4 & 5 in Moncton, New Brunswick, educational sessions will include presentations by Robert Bean and Bill Hooper.

April 5, 2022  

Pel-Air Systems: Pellet Boilers Meet Forced Air Heating

Exploring design options for retrofitting a pellet boiler to a forced-air heating system.

March 29, 2022  

The Duct Free Zone: Do Mini Splits Require Design?

Installers must first be system designers to insure a system meets the needs and expectations of the homeowner.

March 23, 2022  

CMPX 2022 Open for Business

The CMPX show committee anticipates hosting thousands of HVAC/R and plumbing tradespersons over three days at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

March 16, 2022  

Registration Open for 2022 Modern Hydronics Summit

All new in 2022 will be Hydronics 101, a dedicated series of sessions exploring the fundamentals of hydronics systems.

March 15, 2022  

CMPX 2022 Product Spotlight

We canvassed manufacturers and their representatives to share what visitors can expect to see at this year’s show, and as a result we over 100 items listed.

March 11, 2022  

Rosenberg Canada Air Curtains


January 18, 2022  

Johnson Controls Unveils OpenBlue Indoor Air Quality as a Service Solution 

The new offering provides customers with a long-term proactive approach to IAQ to meet ever-changing health and safety compliance standards.

November 30, 2021  

The Duct Free Zone: History of the Mini Split

I had the pleasure of learning the history of the mini split from a man who actually lived it.

November 25, 2021  

Napoleon NS18 Heat Pump and Air Handler

The NS18 Series is compatible with any standard heat pump thermostats, smart thermostats or smart home systems working on 24V.

November 17, 2021  

AHR 2022 Innovation Award Winners Announced

The winners were selected by a panel of third-party ASHRAE judges who evaluated entries based on innovative design, creativity, application, value, and market impact.

November 10, 2021  

Condair Offering HumiLife Steam Humidifier for Homes

Steam is vented through forced air ventilation units and automatically regulated.

November 9, 2021  

Are ECM Upgrades Worth It?

HVAC service contractors encounter failed fan motors every day, it might be time to stock replacement units for customers interested in saving energy.

November 4, 2021  

Panasonic Launches “Breathe Well” Indoor Air Quality Solution

The company is launching a Partner Program open to HVAC contractors and indoor air quality specialists.