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April 11, 2023  

New campaign to promote role of engineers

Engineers Canada new “Building Tomorrows” campaign shows how engineers are builders of solutions that make a difference in our world.

February 22, 2023  

Danfoss building compressor factory in Mexico

Factory to address growing North American demand for energy-efficient cooling technology.

February 16, 2023  

Jaga introduces the Mini Canal Electric

A stylish electric resistance in-floor trench system designed for perimeter heating.

January 25, 2023  

ASHRAE Releases Latest Version of Energy Efficiency Standard 90.1-2022

The standard includes energy efficiency ratio increases for commercial rooftops and <65K sized air-cooled heat pumps.

December 13, 2022  

Modern Niagara Invests in Hydron Energy 

Hydron’s technology reduces the cost of upgrading biogas to renewable natural gas and enables the deployment of small-scale plants.

December 7, 2022  

ASHRAE Developing IAQ Pathogen Mitigation Standard

The goal is to achieve an enforceable national standard within six months.

November 10, 2022  

FLIR ONE Edge Pro Provides Thermal Imaging Flexibility

Designed to fit in an operators hand, it also has a spring-loaded clip to attach to mobile phones and tablets.

October 26, 2022  

Public Now Able to Review Proposed Changes to 2020 National Model Codes

The public review window is open until Dec. 23, and the next edition of National codes are due to be published in 2025.

October 3, 2022  

Bright Ideas – Troubleshooting 101

From home maintenance to commercial mechanical room operations, problem solving always requires a plan.

September 20, 2022  

Opposing Currents

When it comes to designing systems with heat exchangers, stick with counterflow piping.

June 30, 2022  

ASHRAE Hosts Annual Conference in Toronto

A few Canadians were recognized among the Society’s 2022 Honour and Awards recipients.

June 14, 2022  

Webinar: Embracing Virtual System Design and Collaboration

Join a free webinar on Friday, June 24th at 1 pm (eastern time) presented by Trimble to learn how to increase collaboration and productivity in the construction workflow.

June 7, 2022  

Feds Funding District Energy System Study for New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

The heating network using biomass and wind energy would connect over 90% of buildings in the community.

May 16, 2022  

ASHRAE Conference Coming to Toronto

The five-day event includes eight conference tracks, over 80 sessions, tours, social experiences and industry-specific committee meetings.

Tech Pulse
May 9, 2022  

Sizing Plastic Pressure Piping [30 Mechanical Minutes]

On Wednesday, April 20, 2022 HPAC Magazine hosted a

April 26, 2022  

So Many Unsung Heroes

The mechanical trade operates effectively every day thanks to the people on the front lines and those behind the scenes.

March 28, 2022  

The “New” 2020 National Model Codes Finally Released

The 2020 Model Codes—Building, Plumbing, Fire and Energy—include nearly 400 changes since the last update.

March 16, 2022  

Registration Open for 2022 Modern Hydronics Summit

All new in 2022 will be Hydronics 101, a dedicated series of sessions exploring the fundamentals of hydronics systems.

February 23, 2022  

Canadians Recognized Among ASHRAE Outstanding Achievement Awards

Robert Bean and Tim McGinn, both of Calgary, honoured as Fellows of ASHRAE.

November 25, 2021  

Ontario Makes Investment to Attract Young People to Skilled Trades Careers

The funding is expected to help attract more students to trades and ensure employers have the workers they need to grow their businesses.

November 23, 2021  

The Ups and Downs of the Expansion Valve

While there are multiple methods of accomplishing heat transfer, the most common uses the vapour compression cycle.

November 15, 2021  

New Report Highlights Canadian Interest in Building Green

More than 1,200 industry professionals around the world were surveyed for the report.

November 9, 2021  

CIB and Enwave Form Partnership to Expand District Energy Projects In Toronto and Mississauga

CIB is expected to commit $600 million to the project which allows Enwave to accelerate and scale the build-out of its district energy systems.

October 28, 2021  

Canada Infrastructure Bank Invests $19.3 million in Toronto Western Hospital Heating Retrofit Project

Being called the world’s largest raw wastewater energy transfer project, it will transfer thermal energy to and from wastewater flowing in the mid-Toronto interceptor sewer.

October 27, 2021  

Family Business Transitions

The story often goes like this: the older generation poured their blood, sweat, and tears into building their own contracting company.

October 20, 2021  

Panasonic Debuts New Intelli-Balance 200 Energy Recovery Ventilator to Canada

Designed to increase airflow in tightly built homes with both exhaust and supply air.